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Learning Resources

This section of our site contains downloadable activities and information. The resources will help you use and interpret the Archive’s holdings for a variety of age groups and learning environments.
Was jazz 'Alive and Well' in the 1980s?
Thursday 11th July 2013

Why were a series of concerts titled 'Jazz is Alive and Well' performed int he 1980s? Use our timeline and archive material to find out.

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How did Glenn Miller affect morale on the Home Front?
Tuesday 25th June 2013

Explore how Glenn Miller and his orchestra affected the morale of poeple on the Home Front. Read about his death and watch a rare video of a live perfomance.

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An Extended Timeline of British Jazz
Wednesday 17th April 2013

Delve deeper into the story of British jazz with an in depth timeline written by jazz trumpeter and founder of the National Jazz Archive, Digby Fairweather.

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